The local business in your city

Decentralized Social Urban Network for Online Marketing Focused on Local Business

What is Weevo City?


WeevoCity is a decentralized social urban network designed to connect the local business with the people around it. Online sales of products and services will take place through smart contracts under pre-established rules. Payments will be made in both the main cryptocurrencies and the traditional currencies.

Our goal is to build a unique network where the local business, can in an easy and affordable way become more visible in the digital space and most of all to the people around him. To create the most secure and effective environment in advertising, online sales and bookings through the blockchain technology.

Online sales and transactions

Online sales and bookings will be made through smart contracts that will be embedded in the Ethereum virtual machine. Payment between the seller and the buyer will be withheld until the intelligent contract terms are met.

• Smart contract defining transactions for goods by courier service.

• Smart contract regulating deals for goods and services received on the spot by the buyer.

• Smart contract regulating the rental of hotel rooms, private properties or accommodation.

• Smart contract regulating bookings.

• Smart contract to buy event tickets.

Two-tier rating of traders

In order to improve the business environment in the platform, each trader will receive a rating kept in the decentralized Wee Ledger's blockchain, depending on the activity, valuation of his clients, and performance of his commitments and guarantees.

Decentralized guarantee fund

We create a decentralized guarantee fund that will be used to recover the funds paid by the buyer for a good or service in the event of proven and unsatisfied claims by the buyer to the trader.

Advertising program

Our goal is to provide an effective advertising environment for traders, as they can track the money spent on advertising and sales. We will provide an opportunity to advertise on the affiliate network that works with the decentralized Wee Ledger as well as the priority display of listings and sites at

Next generation online market

Weevo City is a place where the local businesses can freely and comfortably offer their products and services in an absolutely efficient and secure way using the blockchain technology

Security and efficiency guaranteed by the blockchain technology.

Decentralized eco system for online sales and reservations with maximum security on both sides through smart contracts that regulate all transactions and relationships between the parties

Designed for local business

Complete coverage of local businesses with personalized business profiles in over 3000 categories

Wide range of application

Customized publications for products and services in over 5,000 categories

Acceptance of Wee token, BTC, ETH, LTC and traditional currencies

Payment through Weevo Token, BTC, ETH, LTC and the leading traditional currencies as they will be automatically converted to a Wee token that will be sent to the decentralized book WeeTransactionChain.

Open source

Providing the opportunity to integrate WeeTransactionChain with other apps and online sales and booking portals.

Advertising program

An advertising program for local businesses with transparency and efficiency guaranteed by the decentralized eco system

Token Allocation


Public Sale
45% sold to public as part of token sale. (Pre-sale and Main-sale).

32% held in reserve by company in order to fund future transactional costs and to expand liquidity pool required for future growth and expansion.

Team and Advisors
9% allocated to team and advisors.

5% allocated to community for bounty programs, referrals and other initiatives to grow the WeevoCity community.

Guarantee Fund
9% allocation to the Guarantee Fund.

Token Details

Total Token Supply: 1 100 000 000 WEE

Token Sale Cap: 500 000 000 WEE

Accepted: ETH


Plan For Project Development As Follow

UI prototype

Developmment start

Listing on exchanges

Testnet launch

Official launch

Our Team

Iliyan Yanchev

CEO & Founder, UX expert

Kamen Kaludov

COO & Founder, PR & Community Manager

Zhenya Dimitrova

Project Manager, Tech Advisor

Ivan Penkov

Ethereum Developer/Solidity Expert & Founder

Manuela Karaabova

Blockchain Specialist, Software Engineer

Ivan Ivanov

Software Engineer

Vania Peneva

Chief Advisor

The local business in your city