Ending 25th June 2018


10 000 WEE per 1 ETH

Your WEE Tokens will be send to the ERC20 wallet address (from where you have sent ETH) automatically and immediately.

The smart contract accepts only ETH.

Do not send ETH from an exchange wallet like Coinbase or other people's wallet. Everyone Must have an ETH address. Even if you are buying using BTC or Bank cards. Get an ETH wallet now!

Contribute With Ethereum

Smart contract address

Set gas limit to 200 000. Maximum gas price is 60 Gwei. To determine actual gas price, visit ethgasstation.info

Do not send ETH from exchanges or other people's wallets. Use the same wallet that you specified earlier, as the WEE tokens will be transferred exactly to where the ETH was sent from.

The local business in your city